Roof Crush Injury Claim settles out of court (Product defect)

December, 2008

In this case, our client was a rear passenger in a car. The driver lost control of the vehicle resulting in the vehicle overturning. The vehicle’s roof did not withstand the weight of the vehicle and crushed, causing severe spinal injuries. The case was settled for a confidential sum. This claim was handled by firm members Eric G. Zajac and Martín Arias.

Tractor Trailer Driver Injury

August, 2008

This action arose when our client, a tractor trailer driver, was parked on the side of the highway due to a mechanical failure. While sitting in his cab, he was violently rear ended and sideswiped by another tractor trailer that ran into the emergency lane at a high rate of speed resulting in back injuries. Evidence showed that the driver of the other tractor trailer was on drugs. The case was settled for a confidential sum. The case was handled by Martín Arias.

Failure to Maintain Suicide Watch in a Mental Hospital

May, 2008

This action arose when our client committed suicide while under the suicide watch and supervision of a mental health hospital in 2007. The client was supposed to be under constant watch and checked at regular intervals. He was found hanging from his door. The case was settled in alternative dispute resolution by a retired judge. The case was handled by Martín Arias and Eric G. Zajac.

Ford settles SUV rollover case

January, 2008

Ford Motor Co. agreed during jury selection to resolve a case involving the rollover of a 1998 Explorer. The rollover resulted in the death of the driver, whose estate hired Zajac & Arias to litigate the case. The case was venued in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. The terms and conditions of the settlement are confidential. This case was litigated by firm member Eric G. Zajac along with co-counsel Jerry Baldino, Esquire of Sachetta & Baldino.