Award for Client Injured in Forklift Accident

October, 2010

The firm’s client was a visitor at a carpet warehouse. While walking in the warehouse he was struck by a forklift running in reverse without back-up warning sounds. His leg was crushed by the fork lift, necessitating several operations. The forklift lacked adequate warnings when backing up and was negligently operated. Our client was awarded $625,000. The case was handled by Martín Arias.

Woman injured in parking lot fall

September, 2010

Zajac & Arias represented a home health aide who fell on rocks in the parking lot of an apartment building in New Jersey. She suffered a broken elbow. The rocks had washed into the parking lot during a storm two days before, and the owners of the building had simply left them there instead of cleaning them up. Zajac & Arias attorney Dominik Rostocki litigated the case and obtained a $55,000 settlement just days before trial was to start.

Man suffers bedsore due to improper care

July, 2010

This client came to Zajac & Arias for an investigation of a medical problem he developed while under the care of a Philadelphia hospital. Zajac & Arias recognized that his outcome was a recognized risk of the treatment and therefore not a case, but the firm’s investigation found the man’s care was substandard in that the man had been allowed to develop a terrible bedsore. Zajac & Arias associate Dominik Rostocki lodged a claim against the hospital, and after lengthy negotiations, was able to obtain a sizeable settlement before any lawsuit was filed.

Client Struck by Car

June, 2010

This action arose when a Zajac & Arias client was hit by a car while washing his own car. He was pinned between two cars, resulting in serious injuries to his leg. The auto insurance company paid its policy limits of $100,000. The case was handled by Martín Arias.

Bicyclist seriously injured in hit and run (Philadelphia)

May, 2010

Zajac & Arias represented a Polish man who was injured when a car struck him from behind while he was riding his bicycle in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. The driver of the car fled the scene before police arrived. A passerby had recorded his license plate. Because the injured man spoke only Polish, he had difficulty communicating with the Police.

His communication difficulties were resolved when he hired Dominik Rostocki, Esq., an attorney at Zajac & Arias who speaks fluent Polish. After extensive investigation – including tracking down the passerby through 911 dispatch records — Zajac & Arias was able to secure the driver’s insurance information and negotiate a significant recovery.