Pedestrian Struck by Car Settles

August, 2012

Our client was a pedestrian crossing North Park Road at the intersection of Oley Street from east to west in West Reading.  At the time of the incident, there was afternoon traffic backing up North Park Road where it crossed Oley Street.  A car that was stopped on the north traveling lane in North Park Road waived for our client to cross in front of him so that she could cross North Park Road.

Unbeknownst to either of them, at the same time, the Defendant was driving northbound on Park Road North in the center turn-only lane, using the lane as a through-way to get to the next intersection.  In the words of an eye-witness, the Defendant was “flying up” the center turn-only lane.

Without any warning whatsoever, the Defendant violently struck our client as she stepped into the lane, resulting in serious injuries, including fractures in her left foot to the 4th and 5th metatarsals, a low back injury as evidenced by an acute lumbosacral radiculopathy (confirmed by EMG), and carpal tunnel wrist injuries (she braced herself with her hands as she went down to the pavement).

The case settled during a Judicial Conference at the Court house.

85 Year Old Car Crash Victim Settles for Policy Limits

March, 2012

Our client was driving her 1997 Ford Escort northbound on Oxford Valley Road and had entered the left-hand turning lane to turn onto Trenton Road.  She was using her lap and shoulder seat belts.  Approximately two hundred yards before reaching Trenton Road, the 2007 Hyundai owned and operated by the at-fault driver abruptly exited a parking lot on the east side of Oxford Valley Road, crossed two lanes of traffic, and struck our client’s vehicle.  The violent impact of the at-fault vehicle disabled both vehicles and caused our client’s airbag to deploy.  This impact caused significant bodily harm to our client and required that she receive immediate emergency care.  The at-fault driver had insurance of $100,000 and our client had an additional $15,000 in insurance on her own policy.  We were able to obtain the maximum amount of insurance without filing a lawsuit.

Grocery Store Patron Settles Slip and Fall

December, 2012

Our client was shopping at a Center City, Philadelphia grocery store.  Walking through the juice isle, she stepped into a pool of liquid spilled by a store employee who dropped a juice container while loading a shelf.  The entire incident was caught on tape.  The tape confirmed that the spill was caused by an employee.  The tape also confirmed that our client was pushing a cart forward and did not see the spill.  In our client’s own words, “My feet just flew out from under me.  My whole, like, right side, my right back, my shoulder, everything slammed, and then my head kind of slammed, I almost feel like there was a whiplash at the end, like my head slammed at the end.”  The grocery store agreed to settle the case after our client’s doctor found that there was nothing more that could be done to improve her condition.